There are rewarding local skilled careers across D&G

With around 140 manufacturing and engineering businesses in Dumfries & Galloway, there are rewarding local skilled careers available in this sector across the region offering a wide range of employment prospects such as:

Design Engineers: Professional engineers who are involved in developing concepts, detailed designs and performance
Fabricators: Make structures from metal using engineering drawings for guidance.
Welders: Join metal together using a range of fusion techniques.
Machinists: Use machine tools to manufacture components from metal or plastic.
Electrical Engineers: Design, build and maintain electrical systems for domestic and indsutrial applications.
Process Operators: Operate equipment safely to ensure product quality and efficient of production.
Mechanical Fitters: Assembly, installation, maintenance and testing of machinery and mechanisms.
Machine Operators: Set up, maintain and operate machinery.
Service Engineers: Service, diagnose faults and carry out repairs on a range of complex equipment.
Production Engineers: Responsible for the efficient manufacturing or products.